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Compelling Visual Content studio powers your story to boost awareness and the impact of your message. We enhance engagement and visibility of your story.

studio produces multimedia formats for all of your communications objectives. Our experts will guide you at every step, from development to distribution, and measurement.

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Radio PR

We help you engage with your key broadcast audiences. Consult with our team of experts to help you with ideation and development of editorial feed and expert interviews. Distribution of your content to radio stations is part of our service. With tracking and measuring tools, we deliver comprehensive metrics on reach, access, engagement, and visibility.

Radio PR Example


Editorial content, footage material, image films. Create compelling, well crafted video content to tell your story and enhance emotional engagement. Work with our dedicated team of professionals to develop videos that will drive engagement with your key audiences.

Video Example

Video hosting

Your video content (footage and video) is distributed to television and online editorials via dpa group’s video portal. An editorial note is sent via ots and email thus ensuring additional coverage and leverage to editorials. A final report helps you to track and analyze the impact of your video hostings.

Videoportal dpa Group


Photo production for events, PR, or for your own website: our global network of experienced agency and press photographers provides a full service portfolio – from consultation and photo concept development to on-location shoots and constant accessibility via our photo portal with multiple functions.


Infographics get to the heart of your story. Print or online – we create infographics that illustrate your content clearly. We produce simple illustrations, scroll graphics and 3D graphics to meet your requirements. Our service includes consultation, graphic concept development and production – including distribution to the media upon request.

Infografik Example

Boost viewing and sharing of your news with multimedia
+270% Visibility
by adding multimedia to your text
+270% visibility
by adding multimedia to your text
Studio Flow

We will increase the success of your story: with our professional advice, experienced producers and distribution with maximum impact and reach.


Extend your reach to audiences everywhere: consult with our team of experts to power your story with bespoke solutions for your communications goals.


We execute your vision to maximize the impact of your story. We manage every aspect of the physical production. Our team of experts will guide you at every step, from concept development all the way through post production to customize your project.


Extend your reach and drive engagement with wire distribution to your key audiences - and evaluate the success of your campaign with our tracking and measuring service.

Want to enhance engagement and maximize the impact of your story?

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